Pole Dimensions

Wood Utility Pole Standard Dimensions

Wood utility poles, at their most basic, are trees without the bark. However, not every tree can become a utility pole.

The load-carrying capacity of wood poles is determined by its dimensions, length and amount of taper from top to bottom. ANSI national standards, developed by the ASC O5 Committee, define poles in classes based on these dimensions and the species.

The Pole Dimension Calculator defines the circumference of poles in each class based on length. The standards set the minimum top circumference of a pole and the minimum circumference at 6 feet from butt, which is how deep a pole is typically set into the ground.

To determine the required circumferences, use the pull-down menus to select the Species, Pole Class and Length. The minimum top and bottom circumferences, as defined under ANSI standards, will then be shown. A notes section is provide in case you wish to print the pole dimension calculation.

An Excel-based version of the ANSI Pole Dimension Calculator is available for downloading in the Online Technical Library.

For more information on standard wood utility pole sizes, see the ASC O5 website.

Pole Dimension Calculator

Select the Species, Pole Class and Length to determine
the minimum top and bottom (at 6 ft. from butt) circumference in inches, per ANSI standards
Pole Class:
Length (ft.):
Minimum Top Circumference (in.):
Minimum Circumference at 6 ft. from butt (in.):