Case Histories

Utilities Confirm Why Wood Poles are Better


Wood utility poles offer an outstanding balance between the structural capabilities and unmatched cost competitiveness.

Throughout North America, utilities have learned through decades of experience the many benefits of wood poles compared to alternative materials such as steel, concrete and fiberglass.

In many cases, specifying wood poles can save a utility hundreds of thousands of dollars in material costs as well as in labor and equipment needed for installation and maintenance.

Review how two utilities discovered first-hand how wood poles can deliver a high performing and cost competitive solution for electrical distribution.


Case Histories

Brunswick Case History: Brunswick EMC Pole Purchase
Review of the savings and benefits in choosing wood poles for upgrading a 5.2 miles distrubution line in North Carolina.
4 pages, 03/98
BC Case History: Columbia Power Pole Purchase
Details on the significant cost savings of redesigning a line for wood poles instead of steel in British Columbia.
4 pages, 05/01