Member Organizations

NAWPC Member Organizations

The North American Wood Pole Council is a federation of three organizations representing the wood preserving industry in the U.S. and Canada. These organizations provide a variety of services to support the use of preservative-treated wood poles to carry power and communications to consumers.

The three organization are:


Western Wood Preservers Institute

With headquarters in Vancouver, Washington, Western Wood Preservers Institute (WWPI) is a non-profit trade association founded in 1947. WWPI serves the interests of the preserved wood industry in the 17 western states, Alberta, British Columbia and Mexico so that renewable resources exposed to the elements can maintain favorable use in aquatic, building, commercial and utility applications. WWPI works with federal, state and local agencies, as well as designers, contractors, utilities and other users over the entire preserved wood life cycle, ensuring that these products are used in a safe, responsible and environmentally friendly manner.


Southern Pressure Treaters' Association

SPTA was chartered in New Orleans, La., in 1954 and its members supply vital wood components for America’s infrastructure. These include pressure treated wood poles and wood crossarms, and  pressure treated timber piles, which continue to be the mainstay of foundation systems for manufacturing plants, airports, commercial buildings, processing facilities, homes, piers, wharfs, bulkheads or a simple boat docks. The membership of SPTA is composed of producers of industrial treated wood products, suppliers of AWPA approved industrial preservatives and preservative components, distributors, engineers, manufacturers, academia, inspection agencies and producers of untreated wood products.


Wood Preservation Canada

WPC is the industry association that represents the treated wood industry in Canada. WPC operates under Federal Charter and serves as a forum for those concerned with all phases of the pressure treated wood industry, including research, production, handling and use and the environment. WPC is dedicated to promoting and supporting a stronger Canadian wood treating industry; informing the public on the benefits to be gained from the use of quality wood products; and preserving the integrity of the environment through the promotion of responsible stewardship of our resources.