Crossarm Suppliers

Crossarm Producers and Suppliers in North America

Wood crossarms are one of the most important components at the top of electric transmission and distribution poles. Produced from Douglas Fir and Southern Pine timber, wood crossarms must meet exacting standards for strength and durability in use.

Treating facilities for wood crossarms are located throughout the U.S. and Canada. These companies specialize in producing and supplying treated wood crossarms that can meet the demanding conditions in supporting lines, transformers and other utility hardware.

Use the Quick Links list to the right to find the producer in your state, province or region. Or download listings for wood pole and crossarm producers and suppliers in the West, South or Canada.

ACZA - Ammoniacal Copper Zinc Arsenate
CCA - Chromated Copper Arsenate
CCA-CE - Chromated Copper Arsenate-Climbability Enhanced
Creo - Creosote & Creosote Petroleum Solutions
CuN - Copper Naphthenate
DCOI - 4,5-Dichloro-2-N-Octyl-4-Isothiazolin-3-One
Penta - Pentachlorophenol

U.S. and Canadian Crossarm Producers and Suppliers

Members Preservatives City State/Prov. Contact
Brisco Wood Preservers Ltd. CCA Peers AB 780-693-2182
Fax 780-693-2469
Brisco Wood Preservers Ltd. CCA Brisco BC 780-693-2182
Fax 250-346-3218
Bridgewell Resources, LLC DCOI Tigard OR 800-570-3566
Fax 503-238-2671
Brooks Manufacturing Co. DCOI Bellingham WA 360-733-1700
FAX 360-734-6668
Decker Lake Forest Products CCA Burns Lake BC 250-698-7304
Fax 250-698-7374
Goodfellow Inc. CCA Delson QUE 450-635-6511
Fax 450-635-3729
Hughes Brothers, Inc. DCOI Seward NE 402-643-2991
Koppers Utility & Industrial Products
Sales Headquarters
CCA Orangeburg SC 800-476-4401
Fax 803-534-6328
Marwood Ltd. CCA Fredericton NB 506-459-7777
Fax 506-444-7136
Marwood Ltd. CCA Lethbridge NL 902-673-2508
Fax 902-673-2705
Marwood Ltd. CCA Truro NS 902-673-2508
Fax 902-673-2705
Stella-Jones Inc. CCA Carseland AB 403-934-4660
Fax 403-934-5880
Stella-Jones Inc. CCA Galloway BC 250-429-3793
Fax 250-429-3931
Stella-Jones Inc. CCA New Westminster BC 604-521-4385
Fax 604-526-8597
Stella-Jones Inc. CCA Prince George BC 250-561-1161
Fax 250-561-0903
Stella-Jones Inc. CCA Neepawa MB 204-476-7700
Fax 204-476-2212
Stella-Jones Inc. CCA Truro NS 902-893-9456
Fax 902-893-3874
Stella-Jones Inc. CCA Guelph ON 519-822-3901
Fax 519-822-5411
Stella-Jones Inc. CCA Delson QUE 819-986-8998
Fax 819-986-9875
Stella-Jones Inc. CCA Gatineau QUE 403-934-4660
Fax 403-934-5880
Stella-Jones Inc. CCA Rivière-Rouge QUE 819-275-2240
Fax 819-275-3362
Trans Canada Forest Products CCA Henryville QUE 450-515-7623
Fax 450-515-7624
Vermette Wood Preservers CCA Spruce Home SK 306-764-4054