Preservative-Treated Wood Poles
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Welcome to the North American Wood Pole Council website. NAWPC is an independent council representing the producers of wood poles and crossarms in North America. The Council is supported by member companies from the Western Wood Preservers Institute, Southern Pressure Treaters' Association and Wood Preservation Canada.


What's New


High cost of hiding power lines explored

Hiding power lines underground is significantly more expensive than using overhead systems, potentially costing utility customers millions of dollars. The high cost of going underground and other potential issues with burying lines are explored in a new Technical Bulletin Undergrounding: Hidden Lines, Hidden Costs.

The new bulletin reviews government studies that show moving lines underground cost as much as 10 to 20 times more than overhead systems using utility poles. It also explores the supposed improved reliability of underground systems and the potential safety issues when such systems fail.

Click here to review the new Technical Bulletin.


Qualities, safety of penta-treated poles highlighted

Penta-treated wood poles remain the backbone of the overhead utility system in this country. A new statement attests to the safety and effectiveness of penta used in preserving utility poles and refutes recent concerns raised about the preservative.

The statement details the 80-plus years of service performance for penta-treated poles and notes the preservative has been extensively reviewed by the U.S. EPA and others.

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ANSI standards for wood poles, crossarms revised


National standards defining the minimum specifications for the quality and dimensions of preserved wood utility poles and crossarms have been revised and are now available for purchasing online.

ANSI standards O5.1-2017 for poles and O5.3-2015 for crossarms were revised through the ASC O5 Committee, which is composed of utility companies, manufacturers, government, academia and other general interest members.

Each standard can be purchased from ANSI for $50. The standard is only available as a PDF download; no printed copies are offered. To order, use the following links:

ANSI O5.1-2017 - Wood Poles, Specifications and Dimensions

ANSI O5.3-2015 - Solid Sawn Wood Crossarms and Braces


Top 10 reasons why wood poles are the best choice

The many benefits of preserved wood poles are highlighted in an updated paper, Ten Features Often Overlooked About the Extraordinary Wood Pole.

Compiled into two easy-to-read pages, the paper details why wood poles continue to be the choice for utilities throughout the country. Readers will learn about the proven performance of wood poles and crossarms, the outstanding physical properties and the preserved wood industry's ability to provide thousands of replacement poles after natural disasters such as storms and hurricanes.

Click here to download the Ten Features paper.